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About us

The people behind Foxy Potato are Anders Folke Andersen and Rikke Beck Christensen. Anders is a cabinetmaker and Rikke is a visual merchandiser. They create as a team and use their huge experience to bring Foxy Potato alive. The Danish couple started their company arising from their own needs and their passion for the old, classic, Danish furniture.

Foxy Potato creates wooden furniture based on knowledge and with a passion for detail. We create design with a purpose

The name Foxy Potato came up quiet randomly, while peeling potatoes for dinner. A lot of names were in the air that night and when “Foxy Potato” came up they laughed a lot, but it turned out to be the perfect name for their future company! It’s reflecting the cool foxy design and long lasting quality – just like a potato never goes out of style.

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